Roadmap Themes 2024

Improved Control of Internal Operations

As globalization continues and access to world markets becomes easier, manufacturing industries are under pressure to remain competitive and improve efficiencies while reducing costs, and being able to deliver their product anywhere in the world at short notice.

These expectations require improved internal controls throughout the manufacturing business. To support this, a number of capabilities are being developed to offer the manufacturing business the required level of internal control.

Improved Organizational Controls

As the landscape changes, businesses need to focus on improving organizational controls and internal controls.

Improved organizational control will become steadily critical as the business changes and grows, and for improved real-time decision making by the leadership team.

Supply Chain and Connected World

The competitive landscape has changed and each manufacturer increasingly faces a requirement to find new and alternative routes to market, as well as being able to better service their current market.

SYSPRO's product roadmap provides capabilities to improve processes to support optimization of the sales and distribution channel as well as aftermarket support for the sale.

Information and Intelligence

Along with the improved controls, a business needs information to function. Digital Transformation is bringing more and more information to the business, but without the tools to manage all of the extra information it adds no value.

SYSPRO adds the key tools to manage and analyze all of the extra information. Augmented Services translates all of the knowledge into an improved customer experience.

Digital Business Platform

A combination of technologies that enables an organization to deliver digital business capabilities, SYSPRO's Digital Business Platform supports any customer organization that needs to build their own platform (or multi-purpose integration hub) to interact with other platforms or integrate all of their disparate systems into a single platform that is integrated directly into SYSPRO.