SYSPRO Run Time Products

SYSPRO has commercial arrangements with several Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). The products that ISVs develop require integration into SYSPRO, often using Solutions to call business objects.

Run Time Product licenses are issued for this purpose as they allow third-party products to connect seamlessly to Solutions at a SYSPRO site (if they've selected to license the Run Time Product) without any further licensing implications.

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Understanding Run Time Products


While the Run Time Product license doesn't require any additional configuration or assignment of licenses at the site, the SYSPRO site must have licensed the underlying required module.

For example:

If the Run Time Product accesses the Accounts Receivable Query Functional Area, then the SYSPRO site must have also licensed the Accounts Receivable module (which would inevitably be the case otherwise there wouldn't be any Accounts Receivable data).

Access Types

Run Time Products were typically allowed open access to any functional area. However, from SYSPRO 8 2021 R1 onwards, it's possible to have two types of Run Time Product access:

  • Standard

    This means that all functional areas are accessible to the Run Time product.

  • Managed

    This means that a limited number of functional areas are accessible by the Run Time Products.

    In this case, the Run Time Products definition file lists the functional areas required and the license generated and applied at the SYSPRO site ensures that only these functional areas are licensed.

You can check the type of access for your Run Time Product, by viewing the Run Time Products pane of the Company Maintenance program (indicated in the Access column).