Upgrading to SYSPRO Reporting Software 2020

This article explains the latest upgrade of the SYSPRO Additional Reporting Software to make use of SAP Crystal Reports 2020. It also provides details on the processes to follow when updating your reporting software.

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The SYSPRO Reporting Services architecture for printing and reporting (both client-side and server-side) has been upgraded to use SAP Crystal Reports 2020.

The advantages of this upgrade include:

  • Faster installation time (depending on the hardware and software configuration).

  • Reduced footprint on the reporting server installation (SAP Crystal Reports Server 2020 SP2 is 64-bit).

  • Faster start-up time for the Java server when using client-side reporting.

  • Improved performance when previewing, printing and archiving documents (depending on the environment and hardware configuration).

    Our internal testing has indicated an average of 50% reduction in processing time.

  • Quicker processing times when previewing reports and documents using the native XML driver.

  • Increased scalability lets you process reports with larger XML (depending on the complexity of the XML structure).

Because the 2013 and 2016 versions of SAP Crystal Reports have reached the end of their life cycles, the SYSPRO Additional Reporting Software is dependent on your version of SYSPRO 8:

  • Additional Reporting Software 2013 (i.e. SAP Crystal Reports 2013):

    Applies to SYSPRO 8 2020 R1 and prior versions.

  • Additional Reporting Software 2016 (i.e. SAP Crystal Reports 2016):

    Applies to SYSPRO 8 2020 R2, SYSPRO 8 2021 R1 and SYSPRO 8 2021 R2.

  • Additional Reporting Software 2020 (i.e. SAP Crystal Reports 2020):

    Applies to SYSPRO 8 2021 R2 and later versions.



Uninstall Process

If you have existing reporting software installed, the following indicates how to uninstall the older versions using the SYSPRO Installer Application:

Install Process

The following explains the steps to follow when updating to the latest reporting software version (i.e. SYSPRO Additional Reporting Software 2020) using the SYSPRO Installer Application: