User Experience

SYSPRO 8 boosts the user experience and promotes improved business behavior. It achieves this through enhanced intuitiveness, simplicity and engaging innovations.


SYSPRO Avanti is SYSPRO's web-based user interface developed in HTML5. It lets you access SYSPRO using a web browser, on any device, on any platform, from any location, at any time.

It's available to anyone who has installed SYSPRO 8 (whether on-premise, in the cloud, or both) using a concurrent single license. This lets customers choose the user interface best suited to the specific task at hand.


Differences between Desktop and Web Clients

The user interface of the SYSPRO Web Client has been developed to provide a fully immersive Web experience for SYSPRO.

Consequently, some of the functionality and operator interaction with the SYSPRO client differs between the SYSPRO Desktop Client and SYSPRO Web Client environments.


Web Views

Web Views are self-contained HTML5 pages that can include Fields, Charts, Cards and Tiles.

They provide a complete picture on a single screen and have been designed to display the most important information in a manner that is intuitive and simple to use.

You can design and customize your own Web Views using the Visual Designer program. Once deployed, these Web Views can be viewed by pressing F11 in the program for which one was created.

SYSPRO ships template Web Views with the product, which are located in the \Base\Samples folder of your SYSPRO installation.


Single Setup Program

SYSPRO's Setup Options program provides a central location from which implementers can quickly configure SYSPRO modules (and make information easily available to support staff) and significantly speed up the process to resolve issues.


Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 lets you access the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, etc., wherever you go and across all your devices.

With Microsoft Office 365 integrated to SYSPRO, you don't need a separate desktop installation of Office 365; you can integrate or combine SYSPRO data into an Office 365 document directly from Office 365.


Predictive Search

The Predictive Search facility in SYSPRO automatically shows suggested search results as you type text into any key field in the product (e.g. stock code, customer, supplier, etc).

The search uses a web service to interrogate the database and return values based on a pre-defined configuration.


Task Dialogs & Toast Notifications

Task Dialogs are notification windows that display information requiring your response before continuing.


Toast Notifications are notification windows displayed briefly on the screen to alert you of a condition, before disappearing automatically without requiring any operator input.