SYSPRO optimizes financial business operations ensuring the on-going development of relevant functionality and governance for the improvement of business efficiencies.

Customer Complaint System

The Customer Complaint System feature forms part of the Quality Management System. It provides a platform for customers to raise complaints and for the organization to investigate and take the necessary action to address these complaints.

Once a complaint is received and categorized, possible corrective and/or preventative action can be developed and implemented to ensure customer satisfaction is maintained.


Digital Tax Tool

The Digital Tax System feature lets you generate tax returns for electronic and/or manual submissions. This is in response to tax authorities around the world increasingly requiring businesses to submit VAT and GST returns in an electronic format.

The feature also assists with tax queries and reconciling VAT entries from the transactions in the company’s general ledger.


GL Balancing Tool

This program lets you balance SYSPRO sub modules to General Ledger, allowing you to detect discrepancies between them. These discrepancies can occur because of data corruption (e.g. power outage during posting) unposted journal entries or journals being edited before posting to General Ledger. It is important that you resolve discrepancies, as inaccurate financials will have a detrimental effect on your financial reporting and planning.


Dunning System

The Dunning System feature manages the generating and distributing of periodic reminders for unpaid invoices.

This helps streamline the credit management process and reduce the risk of incurring bad debts. Once configured, the process can be automated to routinely send out payment notifications.


Multi-currency Payments

The Multi-currency Payments facility lets you make payments to a supplier and receive payments from a customer in a different currency. It lets you manage funds across various currencies and countries, reducing the risk of errors arising from manual calculations. It eliminates the need to process receipts and payments in alternate currencies and provides a complete audit trail of the transactions.


The feature lets you configure control account integration to General Ledger in detail. Previously, transactions to control accounts were consolidated and written to the ledger in summary, regardless of your integration level. The detail lines are now printed on distribution reports and can be viewed using the GL Query program as well as from within the relevant ledger journal maintenance program.


VAT reverse charges for tax submission

The VAT reverse charges for tax submission feature lets SYSPRO record VAT that would've been paid by a company if services were procured from within their EU state, but which were in fact procured from another EU state. It caters for VAT requirements in UK and EU countries that need to disclose reverse charges when submitting tax reports.


Tax Connectors

SYSPRO 8 caters for connecting to cloud-based tax calculation systems (e.g. Avalara and Vertex) which allows you to remain compliant when facing complex tax scenarios. Seamless interaction is made possible using a pre-built connection that establishes a direct link between SYSPRO and the relevant platform.


Group Payments

The Group Payments feature simplifies the allocation of payments by letting you process a single large payment against groups of suppliers or customers instead of having to make smaller individual payments.