Anticipating marketplace disruptors, SYSPRO ensures governance and improved business efficiencies.

Ongoing improvement and continuous innovation provides industry-built capabilities that evolve with your needs.

Return to Supplier

The Return to Supplier feature facilitates the return of goods or services to suppliers as a result of defects or other reasons for dissatisfaction.

It simplifies the process of returns and provides an efficient method of controlling items leaving site for returns or repairs. This ensures visibility and tracking of the item until the process is concluded.


Preferred Supplier

The Preferred Supplier feature lets you configure and manage sourcing policies for your stock codes.

A sourcing policy determines who is the preferred supplier of a stock item and helps a company stay competitive by ensuring that purchasing agreements and policies are upheld when creating requisitions and purchase orders.

A purchasing strategy benefits buyers and suppliers - suppliers have guaranteed sales, while buyers can negotiate favorable terms.


Request for Quote System

The Request for Quote System feature forms part of the procurement process and extends collaboration to your suppliers by automating the quote process and servicing of the RFQ by the supplier.

Suppliers are invited to bid or quote for stocked and non-stocked products. Once the potential supplier's quotation is received, it is either accepted (a purchase order can be created and submitted to the supplier) or rejected.

This feature is designed to be used with the SYSPRO Supply Chain Portal, which allows suppliers to submit their quotations online.


Cycle Count

The Cycle Count feature lets you perform partial stock counts at specific intervals without disrupting daily operations.

This feature is designed to be used with the SYSPRO Scheduler to allow for the planning and scheduling of specific cycle-counts for particular areas in the warehouse.

A mission can be generated from a cycle count to assign counting tasks to the warehouse operation, which can then be completed using the Espresso WMS Missions & Tasks application. The system is updated real time as the stock is counted and the task completed.


Order Picking

The Order Picking feature provides picking routines to improve order book fulfillment and the management of the pick processes. It is an extension of the multi-bin functionality that is currently available in SYSPRO.

A mission can be generated from a sales order pick in order to assign picking tasks to the warehouse operation. The picking tasks can then be completed using the Espresso WMS Missions & Tasks application. The system is updated real time as the stock is picked and the task completed.


Bin to Serial Linkage

The Bin to Serial Linkage feature lets you accurately determine where (from a bin perspective) serialized items reside in a warehouse.

This provides efficient traceability of stock serial tracking across warehousing functions. You can now find and use serials in a more timely manner, as any stock movement can be traced at bin level for serialized stock codes. You can also view the specific bin location of the serial when receipting, issuing or selling serialized items.


Intrastat Reporting

Intrastat Triangulation occurs when three EU states are involved in a transaction, where one orders goods from a second while goods are sourced from a third.

  • The state receiving goods records an Intrastat arrival.
  • The state dispatching goods records an Intrastat dispatch (declaring the ordering state as a recipient).
  • The intermediary or agent state records nothing for Intrastat purposes.


Missions and Tasks

The Missions and Tasks feature lets you create a work-to-list for queuing and moving inventory within a warehouse. This gives warehouse managers greater work allocation control and visibility.

A mission can be created for inventory putaway, sales order pick or cycle count transactions. Once missions and tasks are assigned to the employee or team they can be serviced using the WMS Missions & Tasks application in SYSPRO Espresso (where operators can then view their tasks from a mobile device) or the WHM Review Mission Tasks program.

The system is updated in real time as the stock is physically moved and the task completed. Once all tasks are done, the mission can be completed.


SYSPRO Point of Sale

SYSPRO Point of Sale is a fully-integrated software solution that facilitates over-the-counter sales transactions by accepting payments or deposits efficiently. It is used to sell stock directly to a customer, enabling immediate stock allocation and payment (i.e. performed at the point of transaction).

It includes complete offline trading functionality, which allows the system to keep working without interruption if the network or main server goes down. Replication and synchronization ensure that data consistency is maintained between the servers.


Sales Pricing Engine

The Sales Pricing Engine feature simplifies price configuration by supporting a single point of capture and maintenance for all basic pricing methods and includes support for date effectiveness for all pricing methods. It is a new definition for the concept of a price list, providing a single, simple and efficient way to manage all basic pricing methods, including being able to assign multiple price rules to groups of customers using price groups.