Digital Technologies

SYSPRO delivers long-term business value, ensuring the viability of your business infrastructure. Future-proof your ERP investment by leveraging emerging disruptive technologies and the latest innovations.

Collaboration is improved through Social ERP and Analysis using predictive analytics and Data sentiment.

SYSPRO Rules Engine

The SYSPRO Rules Engine helps you streamline your business processes by acting as a sophisticated if/then statement interpreter (i.e. rule translator).

A set of services monitor your SYSPRO transactions in real time and (once a specific set of rules is defined) they analyze and determine when something you're interested in happens. Your configured actions required by each rule are then processed accordingly.

Rules are applicable to all SYSPRO transactions, regardless of where they originate (e.g. SYSPRO core product, SYSPRO Avanti, SYSPRO Espresso, etc.).


AI Machine Learning

Machine learning forms part of the SYSPRO Artificial Intelligence module. It uses specific algorithms and statistics to examine historical data. The program then uses the data patterns to reveal trends and predict future outcomes, benefiting management by presenting the big business picture.

Although these predictions require minimal human intervention, they rely heavily on the data quality and the attributes of the SQL statement. Reliable predictions will support business processes and improve decision making by learning from past experiences.



Artificial Intelligence means customers deal with an intelligent and human-like chatbot that answers queries quickly.

Chatbots which answer and even predict customer queries automate customer service to free up resources in the business.

The (AI) web robot resides within the SYPRO ERP ecosystem and streamlines business functions through natural conversations with the BOT.


SYSPRO Harmony (Social ERP)

SYSPRO Harmony is a collaborative, user-friendly social platform at the core of ERP that gives users a familiar interface through which to interact with the SYSPRO ecosystem and conduct their daily business.

The platform is embedded in the SYSPRO product and combines a number of technologies (e.g. Social Media, Collaboration, Machine Learning, Cognitive Services and Data Analytics) into one application: