Simplified Administration

SYSPRO 8 architecture focuses on Microsoft SQL Server, providing enhanced performance, greater scalability, improved security and increased system availability.

SQL Health Dashboard

The SQL Health Dashboard provides SYSPRO Administrators and SQL Database Administrators a one-stop-shop for viewing and managing the system for high availability.

The dashboard displays information on both the system and company databases to assist in identifying potential problems, as well as enabling the repair of certain issues found within the databases.


SQL Managed Instance

SYSPRO running on Azure provides you with a choice of running SQL Managed Instance or SQL Server running on a Virtual Machine (VM).

With SQL Managed Instance – a cloud-based managed database - you provision the SQL environment based on CPUs, Memory and Disk usage, and SQL Server is automatically configured and enabled for you. There is, therefore, no need for you to provision a separate Windows Server VM and then install and configure SQL Server.


Security Dashboard

Configuring security and ensuring consistency across various operators is a complex process that typically involves a number of programs.

SYSPRO's Security Settings Dashboard program lets SYSPRO administrators query operator security settings within a single program.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication is a process that identifies a user by validating two or more authentication methods from independent credential categories. This ensures that a user is only granted access after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence to the authentication mechanism.

In SYSPRO, the traditional user name and password has been bolstered by the addition of Email and Google authentication to improve security during the login process.


Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on in SYSPRO provides a simple to setup and robust method of using Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to control SYSPRO users.

Once configured, it enables a complete single sign-on experience as SYSPRO users are authenticated by Microsoft Windows and then simply use a shortcut to run SYSPRO without being prompted for a user name and password at the login screen.

It means that a SYSPRO site can use Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to add, change, disable and delete operators virtually seamlessly. Any changes to user attributes automatically reflect against the SYSPRO operator without manual intervention.


Forgot Password

This lets you reset your SYSPRO passwords without requiring the assistance of a system administrator (you're typically locked out of the system after exceeding a pre-defined number of login attempts allowed).

You can request a password reset from the SYSPRO login screen (select Forgot Password) and are then notified via email that a request for a password reset has been received and that the password has been reset. The email includes a temporary password which is valid for a specified time period. When next you log into SYSPRO using the temporary password, you'll need to enter a new password.


Server-side Printing

SYSPRO Reporting Services lets you produce professional, customized reports and documents. These can be produced on the server, freeing up valuable resources on the client workstation.

The server manages the running and scheduling of reports and documents and only a PDF viewer is required on the client (i.e. no run-time is needed).