Digital Business Platform

A combination of technologies that enables an organization to deliver digital business capabilities, SYSPRO's Digital Business Platform supports any customer organization that needs to build their own platform (or multi-purpose integration hub) to interact with other platforms or integrate all of their disparate systems into a single platform that is integrated directly into SYSPRO.

Application Designer

SYSPRO's Application Designer feature is a suite within the SYSPRO core application that partners and customers can use to create new applications for the SYSPRO platform. These applications can in turn be used by end-users to further customize and personalize the application (e.g. add custom form fields, customized panes, etc.).


SYSPRO Rules Engine

The SYSPRO Rules Engine helps you streamline your business processes by acting as a sophisticated if/then statement interpreter (i.e. rule translator).

A set of services monitor your SYSPRO transactions in real time and (once a specific set of rules is defined) they analyze and determine when something you're interested in happens. Your configured actions required by each rule are then processed accordingly.

Rules are applicable to all SYSPRO transactions, regardless of where they originate (e.g. SYSPRO Desktop, SYSPRO Web UI (Avanti), SYSPRO Espresso, etc.).


Web Views

Web Views are self-contained HTML5 pages that can include Fields, Charts, Cards and Tiles.

They provide a complete picture on a single screen and have been designed to display the most important information in a manner that is intuitive and simple to use.

You can design and customize your own Web Views using the Visual Designer program. Once deployed, these Web Views can be viewed by pressing F11 in the program for which one was created.

SYSPRO ships template Web Views with the product, which are located in the \Base\Samples folder of your SYSPRO installation.


SYSPRO Languages and Translation

This topic explains how SYSPRO has been designed with an inherent ability to interact with users in various languages, as well as how to configure these within your own environment.