Application Designer

SYSPRO's Application Designer feature is a suite within the SYSPRO core application that partners and customers can use to create new applications for the SYSPRO platform. These applications can in turn be used by end-users to further customize and personalize the application (e.g. add custom form fields, customized panes, etc.).

The Application Designer is designed to reduce the complexity of coding by providing a simple interface to the SYSPRO core functionality. It inherits and harnesses all SYSPRO's underlying security, enrichment and flexibility, and leverages the comprehensive library of SYSPRO business logic, UI controls and event handlers.

It lets developers extend the enterprise by creating newly-imagined solutions in both the SYSPRO Desktop and SYSPRO Web UI (Avanti) versions, saving cost and time in building out new SYSPRO platform solutions, as well as improving productivity and story-boarding.

Overview Guide