Quick Guide: Updating to SYSPRO 8 2023

This article covers the process and important points to note when updating to SYSPRO 8 2023, as well as a few tips and tricks to make the process easier.

The areas covered include:

  • Prerequisites from SYSPRO 8 2023 onwards

  • Update process to SYSPRO 8 2023

  • Licensing Changes: SYSPRO Reporting Services

  • SQL Updates by Release

  • Program and Business Object Updates by Release

  • SYSPRO 8 2023 List of Program Changes

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Release Prerequisites

Update Process

Before commencing with an update to the latest release, ensure to check the sizes of your transaction log directories and shrink the transaction logs if required. This will ensure that you have enough disk space available for the database updates when they occur.

  1. Run the SYSPRO Installer Application on the SYSPRO Application server.

  2. Once connected to the SYSPRO Deployment Service, enter your InfoZone login credentials (and customer code if applicable). Ensure that you use the correct credentials as subsequent notifications rely on this information.

  3. From the home screen select the SYSPRO ERP Software option.

  4. Identify the deployment group you want to update and select the Update button. This creates a text file (SYSPRO_Deployment_Release_Update.txt) in the SYSPRO Deployment Downloads folder, providing details about the machines belonging to the group, as well as the software installed on each of those machines. Software updates must be applied to all machines in a group to complete the process otherwise the deployment group remains listed as Update in progress.

  5. Select SYSPRO 8 2023 as the release to update.

    The SYSPRO Runtime Update system message will prohibit you from proceeding if you have not yet uninstalled the previous SYSPRO runtime components.

  6. From the Product Updates available for Release screen, select the products you want to update for the new release, followed by the Continue option.

  7. After accepting the license terms and conditions, a summary of all products to be installed is displayed.

  8. Select Begin Install to proceed with the installation of all selected products.

  9. Update any additional servers in your deployment group that require an update (listed as update in progress).

  10. Log in to SYSPRO 8 as an Administrator. A minor database update is performed to your system-wide tables and to each company-specific table.

    • The duration of the minor database update depends on the number of records in the latest database.

    • This database update applies to all companies listed within the SysproAdmin table (i.e. not just the company selected for your login).

    • You will be able to see the version of SYSPRO that you are using in the bottom left of the main menu.

You are now ready to start using SYSPRO 8 2023.

Licensing Changes: SYSPRO Reporting Services

The licensing structure for SYSPRO Reporting Services has been re-engineered to distinguish between client-side and server-side reporting.

From SYSPRO 8 2023 onwards, the following licensing options are available for new SYSPRO 8 installations:

  • Client-side only

    Each client PC can have a single copy of the SYSPRO Reporting client-side environment, enabling report generation directly on the client PC.

  • Server-side only

    A single server can have a single copy of the SYSPRO Reporting server-side environment, enabling reports to be generated on the specified server.

  • Both Client-side and Server-side

    The site can install the SYSPRO Reporting environment to generate reports on both the server and each client PC.

    Typically, this is useful during the transition from client-side to server-side reporting (or vice versa) when users may need to toggle between the two. Once the trial/setup period is complete, users can then choose the appropriate client-side or server-side license.

This change applies to all new SYSPRO 8 sites from SYSPRO 8 2023 onwards.

Existing sites installed before SYSPRO 8 2023 are not affected, and their current reporting capability remains unchanged.

To accommodate this change, a new XML element called <CrystalLicense> has been added to the License.xml file (in the <Customer> header node). This element can be defined as one of the following options:

  • Client-side only

  • Server-side only

  • Both Client and Server-side

  • Legacy (both Client-side and Server-side)

    A legacy site refers to any SYSPRO site installed before the SYSPRO 8 2023 General Availability release.

SQL, Program and Business Object Updates

SQL Updates by Release

This topic outlines the table changes that have been made for each release of SYSPRO 8.


Program and Business Object Updates by Release

This topic outlines the programs and business objects that have been added or deleted for each release of SYSPRO 8.


SYSPRO 8 2023 List of Program Changes

This article provides a list of all program changes made in the SYSPRO 8 2023 release.

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