Information and Intelligence

Along with the improved controls, a business needs information to function. Digital Transformation is bringing more and more information to the business, but without the tools to manage all of the extra information it adds no value.

SYSPRO adds the key tools to manage and analyze all of the extra information. Augmented Services translates all of the knowledge into an improved customer experience.

Embedded Analytics

The SYSPRO Embedded Analytics feature provides analytical dashboards and visualization capabilities that help you manage core aspects of the business’s operations, without needing third-party business intelligence solutions.


Microsoft Edge WebView2 Browser Control

To provide a more responsive browser experience and improve the compatibility with third-party web-based solutions, the SYSPRO Desktop web browser capabilities have been enhanced to utilize the latest Microsoft Edge browser technologies. This allows for a rich and secure web browser experience within SYSPRO.



The SYSPRO OData feature lets you connect securely to SYSPRO data without direct SQL access and retrieve data for use by third-party applications. It is a future-proof technology that provides a RESTful API to the SYSPRO database and allows OData-compliant applications to query SYSPRO data in a standard and controlled manner.

Although it is available for both on-premise and cloud solutions, SYSPRO OData is the only mechanism available when applications need access to SYSPRO data in the SYSPRO Cloud ERP environment (the SYSPRO Cloud ERP platform doesn't allow direct database access by any application or personnel).


AI Machine Learning

Machine learning forms part of the SYSPRO Artificial Intelligence module. It uses specific algorithms and statistics to examine historical data. The program then uses the data patterns to reveal trends and predict future outcomes, benefiting management by presenting the big business picture.

Although these predictions require minimal human intervention, they rely heavily on the data quality and the attributes of the SQL statement. Reliable predictions will support business processes and improve decision making by learning from past experiences.


Open Reporting API

The Open Reporting API lets developers and external applications call SYSPRO to run and distribute documents directly in the external application.

Leveraging the SYSPRO Reporting Service Server infrastructure, developers can query the SYSPRO database and produce the required documents which are added to the print queue from where they can be viewed, executed and managed. Developers can access the document via the document queue for further automation (a destination code indicates the origin of the queue item).


SYSPRO Business Activity Queries

SYSPRO Business Activity Queries provides a low-code dataset creation tool based on business logic that solves custom dataset requirements across a number of areas of enterprise reporting in SYSPRO.


Business Insights

Business insight tiles (also called insight tiles or just tiles) are essentially SQL scripts displayed in a tile format within a SYSPRO web view. These tiles are context-driven and let you act instantly on events, facilitating informed business decisions and sound business behavior.


Insight Tile Definition

The Insight Tile Definition program lets you create and deploy business insight tiles. You can define specific thresholds for targets or key performance indicators (KPIs) and highlight these values on business insight tiles.

KPIs on tiles can be used to highlight values approaching or exceeding pre-determined objectives or thresholds. This lets you proactively keep an eye on approaching targets. These targets could be a certain value, company-wide goal or a specific target agreed for a person or a role within the organization.