Warehouse Area Maintenance

This lets you capture and maintain details of warehouse areas required within the system.

Warehouse areas are locations in a warehouse that can be used for multiple purposes, such as bins.

Menu and Toolbar

Field Description
Save and Close

This saves the details you entered or changed and returns to the previous screen.


This returns you to the previous screen.

New This adds a new data record.

This deletes the data record currently displayed.

Save This saves the details you entered or changed.
Warehouse Select the warehouse for which you want to maintain the warehouse areas.
Area Select the area for which you want to maintain the warehouse area.

Warehouse Area Maintenance

Field Description
Warehouse This indicates the warehouse for which you are maintaining areas.
Warehouse description This indicates the description of the warehouse.
Warehouse area This indicates a demarcated space in the warehouses that can be allocated to warehouse bins.
Warehouse area description Enter a description that will identify the area in the warehouse.
Warehouse area type

This lets you select the category and purpose for sections within the warehouse.

The warehouse area is saved in the Type field of the WhmBinArea (WHMBAR) table.

Notes and warnings

Limits and restrictions

  • You cannot access this program if the Fixed bins setup option is not enabled (Inventory Setup).

    The details captured or displayed for this program are currently only for informational purposes. They will only be applied when the next phase of the project is released.

Deletion considerations

  • You won't be allowed to delete an area if bins have already been assigned to the area.