Browse on Warehouses

This program lets you view details of your warehouses currently defined.

Notes and warnings

Restrictions and Limits

  • You cannot maintain information displayed in this listview if access to the program is set to Browse only, but access to the corresponding maintenance program is not allowed.


You can restrict access to the eSignature transactions within a program at operator, group, role or company level (configured using the Electronic Signature Configuration Setup program).

Electronic Signatures provide security access, transaction logging and event triggering that gives you greater control over your system changes.

Hints and tips

  • Columns in a listview are sometimes hidden by default. You can reinstate them using the Field Chooser option from the context-sensitive menu (displayed by right-clicking a header column header in the listview). Select and drag the required column to a position in the listview header.

  • Press Ctrl+F1 within a listview or form to view a complete list of functions available.