SYSPRO Web UI Scalability Solution

The scalability and performance of the SYSPRO Web UI (Avanti) offering has been bolstered by the release of the SYSPRO Application Gateway service that, together with Microsoft Windows containers, allows a much larger number of users to run on a single application server.

Therefore, this article positions the considerations of how to scale the Web UI, as well as how to deploy and setup your system for optimal performance, robustness, and scalability – especially once you exceed 30-35 users.

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When SYSPRO 8 was initially released during 2018, the Desktop Client User Interface (Desktop UI) was the standard user interface and an initial version of our user interface using a web browser (Web UI) was made available. Over the past few years, we have focused on providing equality between these two user interface styles.

It should be noted that whether you are using the Desktop UI or Web UI, they both use the same underlying interactive business apps and database logic – they have a shared code base so that hotfixes applied to one directly affect the other. In fact, you can have a mix and match of users using whichever is the most appropriate user interface and the logic is the same.

The Desktop UI is a client-server technology relying on the user having access to a dedicated client PC connecting to the host app server, or a Terminal Server connecting to the host app server. Typically, sites have been configured with between 25-30 users per Terminal Server. Meaning that for each additional 25-30 users you would require another Terminal Server to be configured.

The SYSPRO Web UI does not require Terminal Server (nor a standalone client PC) as the browser running on virtually any modern device can be used to connect to the web interface. However, to scale the Web UI does require some additional considerations.


The SYSPRO Web UI Containerized solution allows the Web UI to run at scale with high performance and robustness.


There is still only a single SYSPRO instance installed on a single App Server.

This keeps the SYSPRO installation as simple as possible:

  • Only a single set of hotfixes need to be applied.

  • There is only one \Base folder.

  • There is only one \Work folder.

You can therefore take advantage of our SYSPRO Web UI at scale with the same confidence as SYSPRO Desktop Client users.

Deployment and Configuration

The containerized solution requires you to install and configure the SYSPRO Application Gateway, as well as configure and instantiate an appropriate number of Web UI Containers.

This section explains how to achieve this: