MRP Optimized for SQL Server

Is speed the only consideration?

Time is money. So it's imperative that calculating requirements in a manufacturing environment is accurate and timeous. It affects ordering protocols, storage policies and whether sales promises can be met, to name but a few. Also important, is the management and security of your database and file system usage.

File system vs Database

SYSPRO defaults to using the file system as a scratchpad for calculating material requirements. In many cases this offers performance benefits due to the typically very high performance of the file system.

A new facility was introduced in SYSPRO 8 2020 R1 that caters for using the SQL database as a scratchpad for calculating material requirements. This method can be slower, in part because the database log file can grow quickly while the calculation is in progress. However the performance depends on your own environment, size and complexity of data.

SYSPRO lets you choose the method you want to use.

Choices, choices, choices

The option you choose depends on your current requirement.

If you have been using SYSPRO for some time then, initially, we recommend that you continue using the file system as a temporary scratchpad (i.e. this is the default, so you don't need to change any configuration). This ensures that your existing performance is retained. Also note that when using this method, all suggestions for the MRP requirements calculation are still stored in SQL; only the temporary working area uses the file system.

Alternatively, use the SQL Server database facility as a temporary scratchpad. You activate this by switching off the default option: Run calculation in legacy mode in the Requirements Calculation program.

It is important to note that although the two methods are different, the end result is the same.

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